International Mr. Leather

IML 2017 Contestant List

Number Name and Title Photo
1 Joey Dinello
Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2017
Rochester Hills, MI
2 Kenn Kennedy
Mr. Michigan Leather 2017
Clawson, MI
3 Jeff Wilcox
Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2017
Los Angeles, CA
4 Russell Sweeney
Mr. New England Leather 2017
Boston, MA
5 Bill Dudley
Mr. Nebraska Leather 2017
Elkhorn, NE
6 Daddy Rod
Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2016
Conley, GA
7 Joe King
Mr. Leather Europe
United Kingdom
8 Gerry Ebert
Australian Leatherman 2017
Woodville West,
9 Daddy Mike
Mr. Iowa Leather
Coralville, IA
10 Manfred Herbst
Bavarian Mister Leather 2017
11 Slade
Mr. Fetish Jackhammer 2016
Chicago, IL
12 Tyler Fig
Mr. Tri-State Leather
Cincinnati, OH
13 Guy Johnson
Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2016
San Jose, CA
14 Tzachee Groupper
Israel Mr. Leather 2016
Tel Aviv,
15 Daddy Jeff
Mr. Midwest Leather 2016
Louisville, KY
16 D. A. Durazo
Mr. Big Easy Leather 2017
Diamondhead, MS
17 Ali Mushtaq
Mr. Long Beach Leather 2016
Anaheim, CA
18 Neri Grimaldi
Mister Leather Italia 2016
19 Robert Conn
Mr. Prime Choice 2017
Houston, TX
20 Mark Martin
Mister National Capital Leather Pride 2016
Ottawa, ON
21 Chad 'Kubby' Barr
Mr. Harbor Room 2016
Mount Pleasant, WI
22 Geoff Millard
Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017
Oakland, CA
23 Esteban Bartholo
Mr. CMen Leather 2016
Los Angeles, CA
24 David Richwine
Mr. Ramrod
Wilton Manors, FL
25 Brad Redmond
Laird Leatherman 2016
St Kilda,
26 Brian Lambert
Mr. Missouri Leather 2017
St. Louis, MO
27 John Pates
Mr. Dallas Eagle 2016
Plano, TX
28 Wesley LaCount
Mr. Northwoods 2016
Milwaukee, WI
29 Grey Owl
Mr. D. C. Eagle 2017
Capitol Heights, MD
30 Holter Finn
Mr. Fetish Finland 2016
31 Ryan Coit
Mr. Twin Cities Leather
Minneapolis, MN
32 James Dean Hicks
Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2017
Palm Springs, CA
33 Liam Matthews
Mr. Indiana Leather
Indianapolis, IN
34 Cole V.S. Miner
Mr. Oregon State Leather 2015
Portland, OR
35 Rich Farias
Mr. New Jersey Leather 2017
Union, NJ
36 Jerry Heitman
Mr. Phoenix Leather
Phoenix, AZ
37 Scooby
Mr. Connecticut Leather
West Haven, CT
38 Tj
Mr. Leather 64Ten
Chicago, IL
39 Ray 12 Volt Anthony
Mr. Alameda County Leather 2016
Vallejo, CA
40 Ross Ransom
Mr. Louisiana Leather 2017
New Orleans, LA
41 Cathal Mulvany
Mr. Leather Ireland 2016
42 Eric "Pup Omega" Stafford
Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2017
St. Paul, MN
43 Jon Brittain
Mr. Classic Leather 2017
Lakewood, OH
44 Ash Duncan
Mr. Mayhem Leather 2016
Washington, DC
45 Daddy G
Mr. Chicago Leather 2017
Chicago, IL
46 Georges Peeters
Mister Leather Belgium 2016
Antwerp (Merksem),
47 Ken "BIG" Johnson
Mr Alamo City Leather 2017
San Antonio, TX
48 Shane Adams
Mr. Texas Eagle
Houston, TX
49 Ralph Bruneau
Mr. GNI Leather 2016
Los Angeles, CA
50 Kai Anderson
Leatherman of Color 2017
Washington, DC
51 Chad 'Pup Chomper' Schuld
Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2017
DeForest, WI
52 Nick Dawson
Mr. XXXLeather Amsterdam 2015/2016
53 Martel Brown
Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
54 Peter Pup Orpheus
Mr. Maryland Leather 2017
Baltimore, MD
55 Paul Dorman
Mr. Route 66 Leather 2017
Tulsa, OK
56 Rudy Flesher
Mr. Philadelphia Leather
Philadelphia, PA
57 Fred Colmenares
Mr. Bolt Leather 2017
Sacramento, CA
58 Jamie Wake
Mr. Leather UK 2017
United Kingdom
59 Tyler Thulin
Oklahoma Mr Leather 2017
Tulsa, OK
60 Randy Boyd
Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2017
Toronto, ON
61 Christian G?n?reux
Monsieur Cuir Montr?al 2016
Montr?al, QC
62 Jody Corbett
Mr. Kentucky Leather 2016
Louisville/Jefferson County metro go, KY
63 Dom Barbudo
Mr. Leather Brasil
S?o Paulo,

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