International Mr. Leather

This Year's IML Judges

Ralph Bruneau is International Mr. Leather 2017. He competed at IML as Mr. GNI Leather 2016.

Dr. Bruneau has a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, has a sex-positive, kink-positive practice, and he has been nationally recognized for his contributions to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy in California. He is actively involved in the campaign to end Conversion Therapy working with NCLR’s #BornPerfect campaign. He is on the founding Board of the Los Angeles Gender Center, a co-team leader for Team Friendly SoCal, a proud member of Avatar Club LA, and the Southern California Bondage Club.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Q Darkqwolf is Mr. Eagle NYC 2016 and one of the IML 2016 “38 Specials” who made Top 20. He hosts Jockstrap Wednesdays at The Eagle; #RoughSexNY, a bi-monthly fetish event; and, together with C-IN2 clothing, Jockstrap Happy Hour, a monthly fundraiser benefitting emerging LGBTQ community organizations.

Q’s passionate about HIV/AIDS education, particularly the HIV Smart campaign. He’s a member of Team Eagle NYC and a new member of the Folsom Street East board. A proud born-and-raised-in-Brooklyn Leatherman, Q is the master of jock selfies, a side-eye savage, a loving husband, Alpha wolf, and protector of his pack, The Jungle Book.

New York, New York, USA

Werner Hall is Bavarian Mister Leather 2016, a proud member of the IML 2016 "38 Specials," and he is an executive board member of MLC (Munich Lions Club), one of the biggest gay Leather and fetish clubs in the world. He has a Masters in economics and is the CEO of a German company that has a daughter company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Werner visited over 45 events throughout Europe and the USA during his title year, and he continues to travel frequently within the Leather and fetish community.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

In 1979, David Kloss became the first man to win the International Mr. Leather title. He competed at IML as Mr. Leather San Francisco 1979. He has been an activist for many Leather, LGBT, and HIV/AIDS organizations such as Houston’s Assistance Fund, Austin’s HIV Wellness Center, Folsom Events, and Church Street Fetish Fair. Over the years, David has helped raise over $1.5 million dollars for charity.

In 2002, David relocated to Toronto, Canada, and, in 2003, after Ontario’s Court of Appeals upheld Marriage Equality, he married Remi Collette. Since 2005, David and his husband have owned a Toronto-based design and renovation firm and, in July 2018, they will celebrate 15 years of legal marriage.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Drew Kramer first heard of IML in 1989 when, following an ACT UP demonstration, he shared a jail cell with IML 1986 Scott Tucker. Ever since discovering the Leather community is an outlet for lifelong fantasies of bondage and domination, his activism and community organizing work have dovetailed with his identity as a Leatherman.

Drew loves Leather bars (the Bike Stop in Philadelphia, Altar and the LURE in NYC, the Tool Shed in Palm Springs), BDSM (making strong men bleed and cry), and he values his experiences with GMSMA, the Chicago Hellfire Club, and is currently president of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert.

Palm Springs, California, USA

Sammy Sklover is Oregon State Bootblack 2012 and International Mr. Bootblack 2013. He enjoys training the next generation of bootblacks to love on leather. When not bootblacking, Sammy enjoys brewing beer both at BDSM Brewing Company and for the local underground brewing scene in town. Sammy enthusiastically enjoys sharing his skills with anyone who wants to learn more.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Rick Storer was the Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum from 2002 to 2017.

He has been involved in Chicago’s Leather scene for 20 years, including past memberships in Chicago Hellfire Club and Chicago Leather Club. He is inspired by a community that fights against sexual repression and appreciates those who don’t mind getting a little messy while doing it. Rick’s greatest joy in life is the loving and growing family that surrounds him, especially his husband of 18 years.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sal Susino is an event producer, community activist, Chief Cat Herder of the NJ Leather Family, and a Daddy bear. Together with his husband of 35 years, Dion Daly-Susino, with whom he shares the Harvey Milk Community Advocacy Award from the Pride Network, Sal has proven that leather can have a home in the suburbs. He has produced Mr & Ms NJ Leather for 18 years; co-produces Asbury Park Bear Weekend; and serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Leather Heart Foundation. Sal serves as an HIV services administrator in his professional life.

Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

Karen Ultra is a well-known emcee and educator in the community, and she is a person who had said so many shocking things that Cards Against Humanity is creating a card set with her name on it…to date, three of those cards were rejected as unfit for public consumption. Karen has been on the IML Den Staff for ten years; she served as IML Emcee twice; and her favorite animals are silk-lined ermine and medium rare steak. She's a producer for ABW, an honorary Mr Midwest Leather, an honorary Blue Max member, and she is a member of Volunon.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This Year's Bootblack Judges

Pawlish is a Leatherman and kinkster passionate about personal development. After 18 moves across 3 continents, he’s learned to stay hungry, and IT for a San Francisco startup fits that bill...for now. That hunger persists when it comes to Leather and kink, where he loves discussing communication skills and fostering new perspectives. He’s found resonance with puppy play, bootblacking, and Sir/Daddy roles; navy, red, and houndstooth, all on the left, are his favorite hankies. Don’t be afraid to ask about others! You’ll find him wagging away, putting a shine to a boot, and snacking on whatever he’s recently baked.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Richard "Dick" Savvy is Sydney Mr. Leather 2012, and he is known internationally for his work as “The Naked Barber,” where he brings fetish into the world of barbering and male grooming. Richard uses his platform to educate, encourage, strengthen, and revolutionize the Leather community in Sydney; he organizes and produces events, and he works with various groups within Australia's LGBTQ and fetish communities. Richard continually strives for his passion and introduces new ideas in order to unite the community that has become a big part of his life. ​

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

International Ms Bootblack 2018 will be selected during IMsLBB 2018 Weekend in April 2018.


This Year's Tallymasters

Don Leach was the first Great Lakes LeatherSIR in 2002, and he has a passion for education that teaches our history and the edgier side of play. He has produced, coordinated, judged, and presented at many events during his 25 years in the Leather community; served as an IML contestant handler and the ILSb contest coordinator for several years; and he held the role of 2017 ILSb head judge. Don is a Pantheon of Leather award recipient, a Chicago Hellfire Club Associate Member, and he is honored to return to IML for his fourth year as a Tallymaster.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Pup Vidhra, Northeast Puppy 2017, from Cincinnati, OH, is the founder of Ruff Pups CNKY. Through Ruff Pups,and later New York City Pups and Handlers, he has been actively involved in kink education and outreach, including leading Puppy 101 and 201 workshops since 2012. For his work in the community Vidhra has been honored with the Midwest Puppy Contest Good Puppy Award 2012, and was nominated for Bluegrass Leather’s Connell-Stanley Leather Person of the Year 2013. And yes, his bite is worse than his bark.

New York, New York, USA